MCDC's Dental Care for Veterans

MCDC is proud to offer dental care for our Veterans whether at reduced rates for self-paid services or to support Community Care Network services covered by the VA. We want to help create smiles and improve health to enhance the lives of Veterans.

You served us. Let us serve you.

Participation in this program is open to Veterans with proof of veteran status. With MCDC, individuals may also qualify for even lower rates with My Dental Program (MyDP). A program that offers a sliding fee schedule for persons who are uninsured or underinsured; fees based on household income.

Benefits of our dental care for Veterans

Affordable care

Exceptional care

Experienced dentists

Participation is easy!

Please call (877) 313-6232 to talk to one of our staff today.

Are you a Veteran Living In Kent County?

In partnership with the Kent County Veterans Services, My Community Dental Centers is offering free dental care through a collaborative grant. For more information, call one of our three Kent County MCDC in Cedar Springs, Kentwood, Walker.


Eligible Patients include:

o Veterans
o Veteran’s current spouses
o Veteran’s surviving spouses
o Veteran’s life partners



o Verification of Veteran status
o Verification that patient lives in Kent County
o Patient can be uninsured or have commercial insurance *Cannot have dental benefits available from the VA
o No income requirements