Kyle Smith, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle graduated from Grand Valley State University, with his Bachelors in 2011.  He then obtained his MBA from Lawrence Tech in 2015. Kyle’s other boards include, Raven Hill Discovery Center, 2016-2018. Kyle has a great history here at MCDC. He was hired at MCDC in July of 2012, as an Accounting Specialist, he was then promoted to Finance Team Lead in 2015. Then, promoted to Accounting Manager in 2018, and now has been promoted Director of Finance 2021.

Why is Kyle passionate about MCDC? MCDC provides a much-needed service to individuals that don’t have the access to dental care that the majority of people enjoy. Each role in the organization is vital for the success of the organization, even those that aren’t participating chair side. Every dollar the finance team can save or collect, is another dollar that we can put toward patient care. This is what drives him every day, to ensure that everything we do is as efficient and effective as possible. MCDC exists to provide a dental home to those that can’t receive care elsewhere, and he strives to make sure we can do that, well into the future.