Dental Care for Detroit Residents

In partnership with the City of Detroit, My Community Dental Centers is providing dental care services for the residents of Detroit without insurance – at no cost to you. *Qualifications Apply – See Below

No insurance? No problem.

If you are Detroit resident, the answer is yes! The Detroit Dental Services Grant offers free dental services and will have zero out-of-pocket expenses.  

Here is what you need to know:

  • Live in the city of Detroit (verified by verified by utility bill)
  • Eligibility is based on household income
  • For Patients with or without Insurance

Comprehensive Dental Services

For many people, maintaining a healthy smile can be difficult due to lack of insurance, however, small dental problems can quickly become painful or serious if left untreated. Dental issues can lead to missed work, trouble eating, and other health issues.  

Here at MCDC, we provide a full spectrum of dental care for all! Through the generous support of the City of Detroit,  access to covered services – at no cost to you, like:

*Grant only available at Detroit Samaritan Center.

Meet Ms Funches and How She Got Her Smile Back

Ms. Funches was on the floor of her living room, begging her daughter to knock out her teeth. “They were hurting so bad! My mouth was on fire!” After years of gum disease, natural decay, and dental pain, she found herself miserable, losing weight, and unable to eat or sleep. She cried and begged her daughter for help. “Please, knock ‘em out!” 

Being a low-income senior citizen with no dental insurance, Ms. Funches assumed there were no options for her. That the expense of handling this, especially in an emergency, would be a crushing financial burden. 

Little did she know that with the help of the City of Detroit, MCDC introduced a program for Detroit residents to get free dentures through a grant. Hear how this grant helped Ms. Funches get her smile back!

Free Dental Services FAQs

To be eligible for free dental care,  patients must live in the city of Detroit (verified by utility bill). 

Our dental team is here to help guide patients through the process and help you smile again!

Eligibility based on household income. Requirements include proof of residency within the Detroit city limits. 

No!  This is available to those who are both insured and uninsured, as long as you are City of Detroit resident.

Let us help you navigate your next steps!  Regardless of if you are insured or not, as long as you are a City of Detroit resident, we can help. 

Our Detroit Center is located off the bus line in the Detroit Samaritan campus, here.   

Our modern centers and skilled dental team work hard to provide high-quality care and make sure every patient can smile with confidence! For more locations throughout Michigan, visit here.