Michigan Medicaid

If you’re in Michigan and don’t have traditional insurance, you may be wondering if you can afford dental care or have it covered some other way. The answer is yes, you can. Michigan Medicaid will cover medically necessary dental procedures, so there is no time like right now to get the dental care you need.

How to Use Michigan Medicaid for Dental Services

If you are a resident in Michigan and are on Medicaid, there are a couple of things you need to know about your coverage and how to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid. There are two programs in the state of Michigan. One is the normal Medicaid plan and the second is MIChild. Both programs are run by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

For both of these services, Medicaid will pay for your treatment, although there may be a co-pay. If you have applied for Medicaid and been approved, you will receive a mihealth card. This is the card that you will use when you go see a dentist.

Co-pays for dental services for those over the age of twenty-one can be as little as $3.00. For patients that are on the MIChild plan, there is a monthly premium of $10 no matter how many children you may have. This service is for children under the age of twenty-one.

For those under the age of twenty-one, your dental benefits will fall under the healthy Kids Dental Program or through Medicaid. Over the age of twenty-one, dental services will be paid for under Medicaid.

How to Find Dental Service Providers that Accept Michigan Medicaid

There are a couple ways to find a dental service provider that accepts Michigan Medicaid. The easiest one is to give us a call at My Community Dental Centers, (MCDC). We have twenty-seven locations throughout Michigan, including locations in the Upper Peninsula. All of our locations happily accept Michigan Medicaid, so there is no need to put off getting needed dental care or preventive dental care.

You can also connect with the Delta Dental PPO Network and they will help you find a dentist in your area that accepts Medicaid. We are a proud member of this network as well.

When you have questions about Medicaid and your oral health, give us a call at MCDC. We know that navigating the Medicaid system can be difficult and overwhelming, and we are here to help. Our staff of professionals are experts in what Michigan Medicaid will and won’t cover and what your out of pocket costs will be, so don’t wait. Give us a call right now to find out more.