Dentamax Network

The DenteMax Network is a PPO network of dentists that connects patients with high-quality dental care at an affordable price. DenteMax works with over 248,000 dental practices within the network, it is easy to find the right dentist for you at a convenient locations close to home.

Learn About the Advantages of the DenteMax Network

As a member of the network, you will have a schedule of fees, so there is never a surprise when you come in for a regular checkup or a more extensive procedure. Also, the fees are normally 20 to 40 percent lower than those of dental practices outside of the network. By partnering with the DenteMax Network, dental offices can reduce their overhead, and then this savings is passed on to the patient.

In addition, all of the dentists within the network go through a credentialing process initially and then a re-credentialing process once every three years thereafter. This ensures that all patients that use the network have access to only the very best dentists.

As mentioned, all the dentists within the network agree to provide services to DenteMax patients on a fixed fee schedule. This is why you can receive dental care at a reduced rate.

With over 248,000 dental practices within the network, each family member can select their own dentist. They don’t even need to be at the same location as long as they are part of the network, so you can choose the dentist you feel the most comfortable with.

Finally, DenteMax has over thirty years of experience in the dental PPO networking industry. This allows them to understand the dental industry better than most, and to foresee upcoming changes and how they will affect the dental patient before they happen.

Connect with MCDC through the DenteMax Network

We here at MCDC are a proud member of the DenteMax Network and work hard, each and every day to provide our patients with the very best in dental care. As a member, you will find that our fee schedule is less than most dental offices as is required by the network, but even with the lower rates, you will always experience the highest quality care and the latest in technology.

To learn more about the DenteMax Network and MCDC, give us a call today. We can set up an appointment for you or your family, or simply answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.