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Cigna Insurance

The importance of good oral health cannot be overstated. It’s impossible for someone to be at an optimum level of general health if their oral health has not been attended to over the years. Too many people fear they can’t afford dental care or dental insurance, but that’s no longer the case. Receive Affordable Dental  … Read more

Dentamax Network

The DenteMax Network is a PPO network of dentists that connects patients with high-quality dental care at an affordable price. DenteMax works with over 248,000 dental practices within the network, it is easy to find the right dentist for you at a convenient locations close to home. Learn About the Advantages of the DenteMax Network  … Read more

Wisconsin Medicaid

Dental services for Wisconsin Medicaid members are covered under BadgerCare+. The dental coverage is part of the overall medical care program and not a stand alone option. BadgerCare+ is a program for lower income families, the elderly, and the disabled in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin also has several other programs that allow lower-income families  … Read more

Ohio Medicaid

For those living in Ohio that have Medicaid, you may not realize that your Medicaid does cover some dental services for adults and children. This means you can keep your teeth and gums healthy without having to worry whether or not you can afford the care you need. A healthy smile is a happy smile.  … Read more

Indiana Medicaid

For lower income families finding top quality dental care can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With Indiana Medicaid, you can receive good quality care and regular checkups that will keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright. Dental Services Included in Indiana Medicaid If you qualify for Medicaid  … Read more

Michigan Medicaid

If you’re in Michigan and don’t have traditional insurance, you may be wondering if you can afford dental care or have it covered some other way. The answer is yes, you can. Michigan Medicaid will cover medically necessary dental procedures, so there is no time like right now to get the dental care you need.  … Read more

Delta Dental PPO Network

Since 1954, Delta Dental PPO Network has been providing individual dental insurance plans for consumers just like you with the goal of improving people’s access to dental services. The Delta Dental PPO Network believes that everyone deserves access to services including preventative care, so they can experience the best oral health possible. Delta Dental Plans  … Read more