Benefits of the Dentist Career Path: Dr. Brown’s Dental Journey

Are you interested in healthcare? Do you enjoy helping others and putting smiles on people’s faces? You just might be the perfect fit for becoming a dentist. From delivering life-changing services to learning about the type of impact you can make as a dentist, the dental field is a great place to explore your passion. 

Why A Career in Dentistry Matters

The dental field is all about improving lives. Your teeth are an important gateway to the rest of your overall health. When your teeth are healthy and happy, the rest of your body can be too. Taking care of your oral health not only improves the appearance and health of your smile, it improves the quality of your life. By choosing a dental career, you’re choosing to make a positive difference in other’s life experiences, one smile at a time.

Dr. Brown’s Career Journey

Dr. Deborah Brown’s story (on pg. 22-23 of the West Michigan District Dental Society Bulletin) of becoming a dentist was anything but conventional and predictable. After choosing to enlist in the US Army and making it through boot camp, Dr. Brown served long years and returned home. Jumping from job to job, Dr. Brown was determined to understand where her passion lay. Following an invite to shadow her family dentist, Dr. Brown knew she had found her passion for making a difference for patients of all walks of life.

Dr. Brown’s Impact Through MCDC

At My Community Dental Centers (MCDC), Dr. Brown serves as the CEO, where she continues to carry out the mission of a non-profit that has grown tremendously over the years. Dr. Brown fuels her passion for helping those in need by changing the narrative of public health dentistry. Using her own background of growing up where dental care was more of a luxury than a priority, MCDC breaks care access boundaries and offers the chance for everyone to improve their quality of life.

Why You Should Choose MCDC for a Dentistry Career

At MCDC, we serve patients with a purpose. From opening new locations to supporting and encouraging our team, we put high emphasis on creating a welcoming and rewarding environment for all of our dental care employees. Having overcome the post-pandemic timeline, focusing energy on rebuilding the community, and advocating for change, MCDC speaks out for breaking barriers and improving access to quality dental care.

MCDC’s 2022 annual report shows our impact at a glance, with 90,259 patients, 192,935 patient visits, and 9,083 same-day emergency visits in the fiscal year. By beginning a career at MCDC, you’re joining a team and community that cares not only about patient needs, but focuses on building up a dental team that can provide needed change in the industry.

Get Connected With MCDC

Interested in a possible future with MCDC? Get connected with our team and view MCDC Careers page to discover current open positions. Plus, explore more of what your path with MCDC could look like and the benefits of working with a dentistry that makes dental care possible for all those in need. Looking to make a dental appointment? We can help with that, too – visit our New Patient page to learn more.