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2023 Annual Report

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MCDC is focused on creating a culture where our team members, partners and patients play vital roles in shaping the future of dentistry.

Our mission is to enhance community health by offering access to quality dental care for all. And our team does so with compassion and integrity, improving lives one smile at a time which you’ll see reflected in the stories and data shared in this report.  

Impact At A Glance

Patient Visits
Same Day Emergency Visits
*Based on 2023 Fiscal Year

Breaking Down Language Barriers for Inclusive Oral Healthcare

Accessing quality oral healthcare can often be challenging for our non-English speaking neighbors. At MCDC, we understand the importance of breaking down language barriers to provide the best possible care for our patients.

While many  of our MCDC centers have mobile electronic translation carts, we know translation services can sometimes hinder the ability to build connection, trust and empathy. Which is why many of our MCDC team members go the extra step to learn one of our more common second languages – Spanish.

Caring for Young Smiles

In 2023, we ramped up our focus on government relations and strategic initiatives to overcome challenges and improve children’s access to high-quality dental care. By collaborating with leaders and community groups to inform government representatives, we have established our organization as a key influencer in promoting equal access to dental care for all residents of Michigan.


At MCDC, our commitment lies in building a team of individuals who share a common vision of improving community health through high-quality dental care that is accessible to all. By prioritizing our staff and equipping them with the necessary support, we are confident in our ability to address any obstacles that may arise.

In 2023, our primary focus was on cultivating a supportive environment that highlighted appreciation, support, and clear communication for continuous improvement. Above all, we celebrated and acknowledged the significance of each team member’s distinctiveness in our mission and team accomplishments.

Honoring Veterans with Smiles

In honor of Veterans Day, on November 3rd, our MCDC team came together to provide complimentary dental care to uninsured veterans in Battle Creek, Detroit and Harrison. This day-long event was made possible by grant funders, Delta Dental Foundation (DDF) and the Michigan Dental Association (MDAF).

Client Testimonials

“I have been to a alot of dentists and have had horrid experiences in the past that made me shy away before.

MCDC has made me a regular visitor again. They keep working with me to get me back on track to a healthy smile. I take my kids and they love going there! This is a long drive for us (45 minutes) and we could transfer somewhere closer but we keep coming back here because they are fair, kind, and GENTLE. No more stress.”

Ben, Three Rivers

What I love about Howel MCDC is that they are all caring people. They genuinely care about your well-being and have the utmost patience. They offer a helping hand when it comes to being afraid of shots or any dental work. Also, they let me know what they will be doing before they start their work, and I really like that a lot. The dentist really takes the time to listen to what you have to say and gives wonderful advice in helping with any issues you may be having. I love this Dentist, and his dental team so much, that I’m willing to drive the extra hour to go to this one. This Dentist does an amazing job every time with my teeth, and I will ALWAYS recommend this MCDC as a go-to for any dental work you may need done. They do great work, and offer wonderful services!

Brittani, Howell

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Community Insight + Impact

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