Our Impact in Numbers

My Community Dental Centers is Michigan’s oral health safety net offering access to full-service quality dental care for all ages.

Access to Care

As a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to dental care for the underserved, our 34 dental centers are operated in partnership with local health departments.

Total Patients Served Across All Centers
New Patients In 2022
of 83 Counties where MCDC Served Patients
Total Patient Visits Across All Centers
Total Patients Served With State Funded Dental Insurance

Expanding Access to Vulnerable Populations

Expanding access to oral health  services is an important step toward reducing health disparities. MCDC is working to increase the efficiency of dental care to these targeted populations.

Patients Served Through Local Grants
Uninsured Patients Served
Total Patients Served in a Hospital
Number of Children Served
Veterans Served

Emergency Dental Care

The number of patients with emergency visits being higher in 2022 than in 2020 or 2021. This was caused, most likely, because during the lockdown elective/ preventative dental care and non-life threatening dental needs were suspended.

Same-Day Emergency Visits

Saving our State on average $3 million in unnecessary dental related emergency room visits each year.

Office Visits by Insurance

Office Visits by Age

Client Testimonials

Highly recommend. Very understanding and willing to work with patients to make them feel comfortable. My son is autistic and feels like “the world is going to end” when he goes to the dentist. I can not describe how traumatic the dentist is to him and how hard it is to get him to cooperate. However, even though he won’t let anyone touch his mouth or look in it, he did very well with them at the evaluation and even let them look in his mouth (without touching). They arranged for him to be put under to do his dental work. If they can make him feel comfortable, anyone would feel comfortable and at ease.

Kelly, Bay City

What I love about Howel MCDC is that they are all caring people. They genuinely care about your well-being and have the utmost patience. They offer a helping hand when it comes to being afraid of shots or any dental work. Also, they let me know what they will be doing before they start their work, and I really like that a lot. The dentist really takes the time to listen to what you have to say and gives wonderful advice in helping with any issues you may be having. I love this Dentist, and his dental team so much, that I’m willing to drive the extra hour to go to this one. This Dentist does an amazing job every time with my teeth, and I will ALWAYS recommend this MCDC as a go-to for any dental work you may need done. They do great work, and offer wonderful services!

Brittani, Howell