Dear Friends
and Partners,

Our last annual report shared with you that My Community Dental Centers had a straightforward plan, but 2020 was a year like no other. It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. While our plan for 2020 took on more twists and turns than we could have ever anticipated, together, it was a year that underscored the importance of providing dental care for all.

We had planned to tell you the story of our strategic plan’s launch and all its successes, and we still do, but for now we have a more harrowing tale to tell.

When we began navigating the COVID-19 crisis, we committed to taking care of the oral health, safety, and well-being of those in need.

As the crisis began to peak, we wrestled with the uncertainty and faced so many personal and collective challenges.

For many organizations, scaling at this speed would have been impossible. But here’s what gave us hope: YOU. Together we stood firm and worked together to meet the needs of our communities. As people sheltered in place at the beginning of the pandemic, many of our centers remained open with temporary modified operations providing emergency care throughout the State of Michigan. As partners, you stepped up with essential contributions of knowledge, supplies, and finances to ensure we were meeting this critical need of oral health within our great State of Michigan. Together, we found solutions.

Most importantly, with our Mission and Values at our core, we showed up for each other and our communities with courage, strength, and resilience to do what we do best: Enhance community health by offering access to quality dental care for all — one person, one smile, and one community at a time.

People in Michigan and worldwide have seen profound changes in their lives: economic recession, unemployment, and elevated conversations regarding inequality – in particular with health care. MCDC recognizes that with health care inequality being widely discussed, that includes oral care.These ongoing challenges can offer opportunities to build a better future for everyone. Working together with shared goals can yield solutions to support a recovery that advocates and ensures access to dental care for all. We are committed to being a part of the solution.

We are continuing to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic guided by clear principles that align with our organization’s mission and values. We firmly believe that we will emerge more robust and more resilient on the other side of these unprecedented circumstances than we are today.

This impact report touches on our contributions before and after the pandemic. Our achievements lie in the stories and experiences of the patients we serve and how together, we offered quality care to change their lives.

Every year, we are tremendously grateful for our partners’ support, but this year, we cannot emphasize how incredibly honored we are for our team members, partners, and patients. We are forever grateful for your compassion, leadership, and resilience to provide dental care for all.

Thank you. Stay healthy and #MCDCStrong.

Deborah Brown, DMD, MHA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer