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$39 Initial Visit
Includes an oral exam and x-rays*
*Some restrictions may apply. Cleaning not included.

About My Community Dental
Centers (MCDC)

Customized care in a patient-centered atmosphere
Thousands of children and adults do not have dental insurance or access to adequate oral health care. It’s the mission of My Community Dental Centers (MCDC) to provide exceptional dental care to everyone, even those who can’t afford it.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, MCDC is able to focus its resources on providing outstanding service to every one of our patients, rather than just maximizing earnings for shareholders.

We pride ourselves on treating each patient as an individual, providing exceptional care customized to meet the appropriate individual needs of each patient in a comfortable, patient-centered atmosphere.

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About MCDC

Dedicated to providing dental services to Medicaid enrollees and low-income, uninsured residents

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Dental Services

Setting the highest standard of oral health care. MCDC provides a range of dental services

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New Patients

To register as a patient you may either call 877.313.6232 or you may use our online registration form

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Providing you with important My Community Dental Center information & articles

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